About us

We are not-for profit committed to accelerating the readiness of economy-wide solutions for climate recovery.

We initiate and manage the funding and delivery of cross-institutional, multi-disciplinary research programs to accelerate the research, development, demonstration, and deployment of giga-tonne scale carbon removal solutions.

We take a foresight led approach to consider the interdependent technical, commercial, social, supply chain and regulatory pathways to driving costs down and rapid deployment at scale.

The Climate Recovery Institute

We are policy makers, innovators, industry, philanthropy and investors prioritise their focus and maximise the impact of efforts to develop and deploy effective solutions.

Our People

We combine leading climate researchers across biology, ocean, atmospheric and earth sciences, marine, policy, economics, business, social sciences, and law.


Built on partnership and collaboration

We are a non-profit joint initiative of the University of Tasmania, the Australian National University, Common Capital, and the University of Technology Sydney, with generous support from our partners and collaborators.

To be effective, solutions must deliver lasting net carbon removal on the scale and time frames we need. But equally their success will be dependent on developing pathways to ensure their commercial, social, environment, regulatory and industrial viability.  There isn’t time for hit and miss research and a muddle through approach to policy.

We focus in parallel on both technical effectiveness and deployment feasibility. This means screening and developing technologies that can deliver cost effective, global gigatonne scale net negative emissions across their supply chain. It also means social, commercial, industry and policy factors essential for rapid adoption.

Our integrated research programs focus on rapid screening for preliminary feasibility across success factors, then accelerated R&D with parallel and integrated work on the technical and non-technical elements of success. Technical workstreams work multi-year programs to rapidly iterate from proof of concept to full scale pilots, with a focus on the broader success criteria for deployment. Non-technical workstreams focus on understanding and solving broader dependencies for successful deployment. This includes broad community support, sustainable business models and markets, integration with industry supplies chains and workforces, and supporting regulatory frameworks.

This means collaboration with industry, government, investors, communicative and innovators is crucial.

We bring together stakeholders and forge new partnerships in the funding and the delivery or our research programs.


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